Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Remove attribute from html using javascript, webdriver, python

<tag id="id" name="name" class="class" readonly="readonly">EXAMPLE</tag>

self.find_elem_by_id("id").get_attribute("innerHTML") => EXAMPLE
self.find_elem_by_id("id").get_attribute("outerHTML") => <tag id="id" name="name" class="class" readonly="readonly">EXAMPLE</tag>

self.driver.execute_script('document.getElementById("id").removeAttribute("readonly")') => <tag id="id" name="name" class="class">EXAMPLE</tag>


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  3. >>self.driver.execute_script('document.getElementById("id").removeAttribute("readonly")')

    Holy cow, this code does work!! It solves my problem, thanks a lot!!


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